This is my Ford Ranger resources page. Tips, specs, compability, etc.

I have owned several Ford Rangers. Along the way, I encountered many issues that seem to be common among Ranger owners. Some I have solved, others I am still working on. I plan on putting together a series of articles describing some of the fixes, modifications, and enhancements. My hope is that someone reading this can get some tips on their own Ranger.

Although I have owned four Rangers now, I consider only two "real" projects. The first was a 1999 Ford Ranger Off-Road. The second, and current one, is a 2003 Ford Ranger FX4.

The current one I purchased from a used vehicle dealerships that I wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy. Two months after buying the 2003, the engine blew up and I discovered before I bought it someone had "patched" up the box to hide completely rotten mounts. It has been a challenge, but here are some of the mods and enhancements.




Was it worth it? Hey, it's a Ford Ranger ... and it is entirely mine and fun to work with.

Anyone reading this and trying to count the $$ spent ... don't waste your time. I have invested less than $1000 (excluding the tires). Most of that I have gotten back by selling other parts I had on hand. For example, I sold my 2003 FX4 fender flares for $300, and paid $280 for the 2007 FX4 fender flares ... I usually break even or make a profit on my projects.

Along the way, I have documented many of these upgrades and changes. Hopefully this helps others with their own projects.

This is a series of articles based on my experiences working on the Ford Rangers I have owned. I am not recommending any of these fixes (or that you attempt them) to anyone else ... I am simply documenting my experience. Note: specs have been gathered from various sites and compiled for clarity on this site.


Axle Codes


Tire Size Calculator


Power Sources / Fuses
Headlight Switch, to 2003
Headlight Switch, 2004-2006
Headlight Switch, 2007 up
Radio Connector, 8 pin
Radio Connector, 16 pin
Radio Connector, 20 pin


Mirrors Mod (to 2006+ style)
Power Mirrors Wiring
Fitting ANY seats
Rear Door Latch fix
Fender Flare Install
Key/FOB mod
Overhead Console mod
DIY Aux Input

Aerosol Paint Job website